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Nikki Grinds in Cotton Panties

Saturday, March 18th, 2006

nikki grinds in cotton pantiesI found a gallery of Nikki Grinds that I really dig. I am a sucker for brunettes and Nikki Grinds really isn’t the most popular Lightspeed Girl but she does it for me. Perhaps it is in her eyes . . . Anyhow – in this gallery Nikki Grinds is just wearing a pair of cotton panties that really show off her awesome ass. Have a look – pics after the jump
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New LightspeedGirls DVD – Lightspeed Sorority Vol 2

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

lightspeed sororityAnother great Lightspeed DVD is here! The famous LS-Sorority house is back for round 2 and super hot amateur girl/girl action is in full force! The super hottest Lightspeed girls play an assortment of games that lead to a sorority explosion of fun and sex.

LS-Sorority Volume 2 DVD stars the following Lightspeed Models: Jordan Capri — Dirty Aly — Tawnee Stone — XXXRaimi — Stacy Bride — Taylor Little — Little Trouble Maker — Kinzie Kenner — Lacey White

LS-Sorority Volume 2 DVD features a super sexy game of spin the vibrator, oil wrestleing pool contests, some up close and personal hot steamy group showers and baths, pillow fights, morning bedroom wake up kisses, and soapy suds fly during wet and wild car washes and much much much more!

Click here to watch the trailer from the new Lightspeed DVD

Faith Lightspeed –

Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

Faith Lightspeed from faithlightspeed.comAhh I really dig red heads . . . they make life just a little bit more interesting! Plus they are great in bed – have you ever had a redhead that didn’t rock your world? Exactly.

Faith Lightspeed is one redhead that I think would meet par. This super sexy new Lightspeed Girl started with the camp back at the end of 2005 winning Steve’s 7th spot on the Lightspeed World Tour. So you know she beat out about 300 other hotties . . . way to go Faith!

So I was peeking around and was surprised . . . Faith Lightspeed is a freaky chick . . . she just hides it under that girl next door look . . . slut! Here is what Faith has to say about herself:

Hi guys! I’m Faith Lightspeed and I can’t even start to describe how excited I am to have been chosen as Miss Lightspeed December 2005!! I’m 19-years old have always been a little shy – that was until I moved away from home. My girlfriends decided that it was time for me to experience a little adventure! I found a totally new side of me! I love guys, but over the last little while I’ve found out that girls just drive me insane

Like always . . . there is my favorite collection of Faith Lightspeed pictures after the jump . . . but be sure to check out

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Terry Lightspeed –

Sunday, March 5th, 2006

Terry Lightspeed - terrylightspeedFor some reason Miss Lightspeed January 2006 doesn’t really impress me. This is the first Lightspeed Girl that I feel is out of place. Her name is Terry Lightspeed, she is a nice tall thing brunette that has a really great body. However there is something about her face that throws me for a loop. She looks more like a second grade teacher than a solo teen model! But you know what? Some of you might really like her so I gotta make it my duty to make sure I cover even Terry Lightspeed here! Here is what she says about herself on

Hi everyone! I’m Terry Lightspeed and I’m so excited to have been chosen as Miss Lightspeed January 2006!! I’m 21-years old have been modeling for a few years – you may have even seen me around the ‘Net. But, when Steve Lightspeed offered me my own site I was ecstatic! I couldn’t believe it…a whole site just for little ol’ me!

Like always I got one of my favorite sets of pictures of Terry Lightspeed up after the jump . . . but also be sure to go check out
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Best of Lightspeed Girls: Volume 1

Saturday, March 4th, 2006

So finally the day has come! Lightspeed is producing all the hottest moments of their solo teen production years into some smoking hot DVD’s! They started out with the first DVD . . . Best of Lightspeed Girls: Volume 1. These DVD features Dirty Aly, Tawnee Stone, Jordan Capri, XXXRaimi, Tiffany Paris, Ronnie Tuscedero, Taylor Little, Little Trouble Maker doing the naughty things they always do! If you know anything about the Lightspeed girls you know that things can go from normal to a naked food fight in the matter of minutes and that is exactly what Steve Lightspeed captured on this Full Length DVD! I have included the trailer from the Best of Ligthspeed Girls: Volume 1 . . . check it out then head on over to the order page and pick yourself up one!

Best of Lightspeed Girls: Volume 1 trailer after the jump
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Courtney Lightspeed –

Saturday, March 4th, 2006

Courtney LightspeedMiss Lightspeed February 2006 – Courtney Lightspeed hit the solo girl scene with a splash. She just turned 21 and she is all about posing nude for Lightspeed! I am gonna have to say that Courtney Lightspeed has probably more lesbian scenes then all of the other lightspeed girls . . . which is pretty rockin! I have included a nice little gallery of Courtney Lightspeed getting down in a lesbian 4some with some of the other Lightspeed girls . . . silver dildos and all! Anyhow – Courtney Lightspeed says this over at

Hi guys! I’m so excited to have been chosen as Miss Lightspeed February 2006! I’m Courtney Lightspeed, I just turned 21-years old recently and was looking for something new and fun to try. That’s when I found an ad on the Internet from Steve Lightspeed looking for nude models…when I found out that it also meant getting a chance to play with the other Lightspeed Girls, I knew I was going to sign up! I just couldn’t believe when I got offered an actual site of my very own 🙂 !!

Check out the sample gallery I included after the jump . . . oh and be sure to go check out courtney lightspeeds site!
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Lightspeed Girls gets a face lift

Saturday, March 4th, 2006

The ultimate collection of all the hottest amateur teens on the internet . . . Lightspeed Girls located at, Just got a major face lift. I am really happy with the new design – you can really see what you are getting now! You get smacked right in the face with “Magazine Covers” of all of the oh so sexy lightspeed girls – it is so easy to see what lightspeed girls are the hottest on the net!

Click here to take the new tour!

Gigi Lightspeed –

Wednesday, March 1st, 2006

We got another winner on our hands! Miss Lightspeed March 2006 has been crowned and her name is Gigi Lightspeed! This brunette bombshell definately adds to the fine stable of Lightspeed Girls that just keep growing and growing! Gigi Lightspeed’s website will be featured at where you can find all of her high resolution pictures and movies.

Gigi Lightspeed is a brunette teen with A cup perfect tits . . . She stands 5’7″ off the ground but loves to be on her knees for both guys and girls . . . how hot is that!?

I’m Gigi! I was super shy growing up, more bookworm then social butterfly, that is until I left home. I met some really hot girls in my building that helped me cum into my own…literally…heh! When I saw the ad from Steve Lightspeed looking for models – I had to try out! I couldn’t pass the chance to play with the other Lightspeed Girls!

Steve really found a winner here in Gigi Lightspeed – so I know you wanna check out the pictures of her . . . they are after the jump!
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