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Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

Faith Lightspeed from faithlightspeed.comAhh I really dig red heads . . . they make life just a little bit more interesting! Plus they are great in bed – have you ever had a redhead that didn’t rock your world? Exactly.

Faith Lightspeed is one redhead that I think would meet par. This super sexy new Lightspeed Girl started with the camp back at the end of 2005 winning Steve’s 7th spot on the Lightspeed World Tour. So you know she beat out about 300 other hotties . . . way to go Faith!

So I was peeking around and was surprised . . . Faith Lightspeed is a freaky chick . . . she just hides it under that girl next door look . . . slut! Here is what Faith has to say about herself:

Hi guys! I’m Faith Lightspeed and I can’t even start to describe how excited I am to have been chosen as Miss Lightspeed December 2005!! I’m 19-years old have always been a little shy – that was until I moved away from home. My girlfriends decided that it was time for me to experience a little adventure! I found a totally new side of me! I love guys, but over the last little while I’ve found out that girls just drive me insane

Like always . . . there is my favorite collection of Faith Lightspeed pictures after the jump . . . but be sure to check out

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