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Gigi Lightspeed –

Wednesday, March 1st, 2006

We got another winner on our hands! Miss Lightspeed March 2006 has been crowned and her name is Gigi Lightspeed! This brunette bombshell definately adds to the fine stable of Lightspeed Girls that just keep growing and growing! Gigi Lightspeed’s website will be featured at where you can find all of her high resolution pictures and movies.

Gigi Lightspeed is a brunette teen with A cup perfect tits . . . She stands 5’7″ off the ground but loves to be on her knees for both guys and girls . . . how hot is that!?

I’m Gigi! I was super shy growing up, more bookworm then social butterfly, that is until I left home. I met some really hot girls in my building that helped me cum into my own…literally…heh! When I saw the ad from Steve Lightspeed looking for models – I had to try out! I couldn’t pass the chance to play with the other Lightspeed Girls!

Steve really found a winner here in Gigi Lightspeed – so I know you wanna check out the pictures of her . . . they are after the jump!
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