Jordan Capri Honeymoon Sex Tape

Yea – rumor has been out for a few weeks – but now we have the real thing folks! Jordan Capri shoot a hardcore sex tape of her Honeymoon with her new husband. This is the real thing people – not like so many of the other Jordan Capri sex tapes out there – in fact – you have to pay to see it on Jordan Capri’s site!

Here is a quick gallery of Jordan Capri giving a blowjob in that infamous honeymoon sex tape – Click here to see!

Jordan Capri Sex Tape
Jordan Capri Honeymoon sex tapeJordan Capri Sex Tape - blowjob

Hi guys!
So, after a lot of thought, my husband and I decided to release some stills from our Honeymoon Video. I’m actually a bit nervous, since it’s something I haven’t done on my site before. I’m leaving it up to you guys though, if you like what you see, please let me know! If I feel good enough about it, I may just share more! See for yourself, is this a new side of me that should be unleashed? Click here!!

Looking for the full unedited video? Click here now!

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